Homeschool Coop: Top 10 Proven Benefits

A homeschool coop is a group of families who meet together and work to achieve common goals for their children. These coops can be organized around several different subjects. It can be based on academics, the arts, crafting, activities, service work, and even social time!

There are many advantages and benefits of allowing your child to participate in a homeschool coop group. Featured below are the top ten proven benefits from this type of learning environment.

More likely to stay on track

Coops provide accountability, so families are more likely to stay on track. This is important for high school students trying to earn credits. Even more so for families struggling to find the time for science and creative writing. By implementing a network of families, it allows your children to receive the most benefits from homeschool.


Coops also make homeschooling more affordable. This is because families will share the expenses that come with teaching your child at home. As an example, children will have access to science lab equipment that would normally be too expensive for one family to afford.

New experiences

It gives children the opportunity to work in a classroom environment.

Children listening to their Spanish lessons in their preschool homeschool coop. <br>Photo taken by U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Chad Trujillo

Children listening to their Spanish lessons in their preschool homeschool coop.

Photo taken by U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Chad Trujillo

They will grow to understand and be able to function in this type of environment. This is an opportunity not typically given within a typical homeschool setting. By allowing your child to have this experience, it will benefit them as they make their way towards college.

Maximizes your limited time

As a parent, you only have so much free time. With the help of coop homeschooling, you will be able to maximize your own limited time. If certain subjects are already taught at coop, you can spend your time at home teaching your child other subjects.

Draw on expertise from other people

Not only will it give you a break, but it will also help to teach subjects that you may be weak in or dislike. This could be courses like creative writing, history, or even science. If you do not want to dissect a frog or correct an essay, it gives you the chance to let someone else do it. This will give your child the best education possible.

Varying teaching styles

Your child will become used to your style of teaching. To combat his coop, allows your child to adapt to other teaching styles besides your own. However, you are still the primary teacher of your own children. You will maintain control over your child’s education by being with them every step of the way.

Some subjects are best taught with a group

Another educational aspect of homeschool coop is that some subjects are meant to be taught with a group of children. For example, subjects such as physical education, public speaking, or drama demand to be taught in a group setting. By having your child get used to speaking or presenting in front of an audience, it will help them to do public speaking in the future as well.

Opportunities to socialize

Children will be provided with more opportunities to socialize.

The children were participating in a Halloween party during their weekly homeschool coop meeting which brings children together from different families who are home schooled on Minot Air Force Base. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Chad Trujillo

Children participating in a social event hosted by a homeschool coop.

U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Chad Trujillo

Unlike a typical school, coop classes cross grade and age barriers. Children will learn to relate and interact with others of all ages. As a parent, you will be nearby, ensuring their safety while also giving them freedom and independence. This will fill in social gaps that your child might miss out on in a typical homeschool setting.

Provide healthy competition

Not only does homeschool coop fill in the social gaps, but it also allows for healthy competition between students. It provides the necessary motivation for your child to do their best.

Provide each family with support and encouragement

Homeschool coop families offer support, guidance, and encouragement to each other. It allows parents to find other parents to talk to about issues they are having. Many parents will be willing to share advice on issues they have dealt with before. Not only will your child be learning from others, but you will also be learning as well.

When you decide to join a homeschool coop, it will end up benefitting your entire family.