15 surprising homeschooling pros and cons

There are plenty of homeschooling pros and cons. Homeschool has gained widespread popularity all over the world.

It allows you to help give your child the attention and education they need to succeed. However, is it the right choice for you and your family?

We have compiled an in-depth list of homeschooling pros and cons to help you decide if homeschool is the right choice for your family.

Pros of homeschool

Flexible curriculum

This can easily be on top of the homeschooling pros and cons list we’ve constructed here. The curriculum of homeschool can be controlled by parents. A parent can choose to teach their child based off of state requirements, or they can choose a number of different curriculum programs. Often times, blending several curriculums and learning types can be the best option for your child.

Reducing the negative influence

Negative influences are abundant in public schooling. By homeschooling your child, you will be able to monitor their safety. Your child will also be able to focus more due to the fact that there is no bullying or teasing in a classroom. Their self-esteem will soar due to the fact that you will be there to nurture your child.

Intimate familial relationship

A strong relationship is formed when you spend so much time with your child. You will never miss a precious moment with your child because you will be learning with them every step of the way.

Religious freedom

If your family holds strong religious values, homeschool enables you to teach those values and beliefs to your child.

Religion can be the focus of homeschooling pros and cons

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With public and most private schools, religion has been cut out completely. Homeschool gives you the chance to impart your wisdom and virtues to your children.

Unique Experiences

Homeschool allows your child to benefit from a unique classroom environment. An environment where they are nurtured to be themselves and follow their own interests.

Offers a chance to pursue specific subjects and interests

This is called interest-led learning. By doing this, you allow your child’s interests to lead the process of learning. You must take note about what your child is interested in and use it alongside your curriculum. Parents can incorporate reading about the interest or plan field trips to learn more about it with their child! This is one major consideration when reviewing your homeschooling pros and cons.

Effective Learning

This allows your children to be the main focus. It takes their learning styles and interests into the limelight, allowing your children to receive the proper attention they need to flourish academically. Your child will no longer have to wait and get bored in a typical classroom, they will be able to go as quickly or slowly as they need to.

Working at their own pace

Children have an opportunity to learn at their own pace. If your child is falling behind, you can use homeschool to give help them understand the material better. If your child is excelling, you can move them along and let them go however fast they can go.

Offers a chance to finish early

With children working at their own pace, they can finish school early. Homeschool does not restrict children to a certain grade level due to age. Children are able to learn at their own knowledge level. This allows many of them to graduate years ahead of time.

Allows for diplomas to be earned

Many independent schools offer programs that allow children who are taught at home to receive a diploma. This allows children to avoid the GED process entirely. Yet another PRO for homeschooling pros and cons.

homeschooling pros and cons: Children listening to their Spanish lessons in their preschool homeschool coop.

Children listening to their Spanish lessons in their preschool homeschool coop.

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There are ways to fill in the social gap

With homeschool, there is often less peer socialization. However, homeschool coops are aiming to fix that social gap.

Unlike a typical school environment, coop classes allow you to be nearby. You can ensure the safety of your child, while also giving them freedom and independence.homeschooling pros and cons

Cons of homeschool


Homeschool requires a lot of materials. These materials can include lab equipment for science courses, or they could be computers for studying. This is typically funded by the parents of the child. However, a homeschool coop can also help lessen these expenses with their supplies added in.

By doing this, there will not be dual incomes for the household. One parent must stay at home to teach the children. Many families believe that giving up the second income is worth the education and bond with their child.

The fear of falling behind

Many parents fear that if they homeschool their children, the flexible, custom curriculum will cause their children to fall behind their peers. The pressure to keep up will cause parents to spend more time on some subject than others.

However, many parents do not feel like this when they get used to homeschool life.  You will learn that children need to go at their own pace and that you can help them in any subject they need assistance with, some parents consider this as a pro.

I would certainly argue this is a CON of homeschooling pros and cons – you need to consider the mental well-being of your child.

Can be an all-day affair

It is a definite time crunch. It requires a lot of effort and dedication between both parent and child. The parent must plan the curriculum and execute it in a timely manner. While the child must learn to remain focused on their work. By working together parents and their children can overcome this obstacle with time.

Students may be required to carry documentation

As students get older and remain in the program, they are required by their jurisdiction to carry identification with them. This specific type of identification proves that the child is being schooled at home. This shows that your child is not skipping school if they are in the community during regular school hours. Failing to carry this card could result in a fine.

Overall, in this list of homeschool pros and cons, the pros heavily outweigh the cons. By teaching your child at home, you could be making a larger impact on their future.